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Some store samples

We have been busy creating samples of the patterns and the kits we sell in the store. All of the patterns and yarns are available in the store so come by and try them out.

First, I knitted up the triangle bag from Pick-Up Sticks. This is a great bag, easy and fairly inexpensive when done in Cascade 220.

Sarah knitted up these great mock cable armwarmers in Karaoke from SWTC. The pattern fairly simple and free with purchase so you have nothing to lose.

For something a little different I decided to try my hand at some Subversive Cross Stitch. We are selling the kits and Julie Jackson's Subversive Cross Stitch book.

After finishing the armwarmers, Sarah took on the one-piece baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. She made it out of the Blue Sky cotton and it is absolutely heavenly. If you haven't checked out Mason Dixon Knitting yet I highly recommend it. Even if you don't like the patterns, the writing is terrific.



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