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We Has Cute

You can't resist these little guys. Made from recycled sweaters, they are known as 'Secret Keepers'. The paper in their pouch tells how they are especially suited to their job, "I have eyes to see what you need to show, ears to hear what you need to say, a pocket to hold what you need to hide and best of all, no mouth to keep what you need to keep secret!"

We also have some new kits from Knit Whits. The socks for tots kits are unbelievably adorable and the pointsetta felted mittens are just what's needed on a cold winter day.

Finally, more Crafty Alien Kits are here at last! She is always coming up with new designs, they are quick to knit and would make great stocking stuffers. Just some of the ones we've got are: pig, horse, chicken, clam, lobster, octopus, ant, ladybug, bee, and 4 different cats.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Do you have the Siamese cat version?

4:21 PM  
Blogger ReBellegirls said...

yes we do!

3:17 PM  

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