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Our Top 10 Gifts for the Holidays

Sarah's Top 10
10. Fair Trade Fingerless Gloves from Nepal
9. A Cute Tape Measure
8. Recycled Can Lanterns
7. For Sock Knitters- Lorna's Laces
6. Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy Yarn
5. Stuffed Owl from Blackbird Fashion
4. Locally made fancy stitch markers
3. Felted Bells Knitted Holiday Ornament Kit
2. Lantern Moon Sox Stix
1. Knitter's Little Helper Hand Balm

Robyn's Top 10
10. Hemp beading kits
9. Recycled glass bracelets
8. Baby Legs
7. Stitch n' Bitch Page-A-Day calendar
6. New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi
5. Peejay Sock Monkey Kit
4. Locally made two sided darning eggs
3. Sockina Cotton sock yarn
2. Interweave's Harmony Guide Stitch dictionaries
1. Tabletop Umbrella Swift


Blogger Poodlezilla said...

I miss your wonderful yarn shop. I'll try to be by there this month or next. I'm in desperate need of the alien patterns. I HAVE to have them. I just do. . .I might just die if I don't get them.

11:18 PM  

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