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Noro Felted Bag

Looking for a cute new purse? This felted bag highlights the long-striping quality of Kureyon. The unique shape makes it easy to find everything in your bag and it fits comfortably over your shoulder. Knitting it takes a bit of concentration, but is well worth it, and you will be a pro at short rows by the time you're finished! We have 16 colors of Kureyon in stock, so you're sure to find one that inspires you, and the pattern is free with yarn purchase.



A Great Sock Yarn

Luna Park by Ornaghi (an Italian company) is a fabulous sock yarn. I love stripes, and while I like the idea of self-striping yarn, I don't like the way most of them look. With Luna Park, however, I am completely satisfied. This yarn has longer stripes than most sock yarns, which leads to more defined stripes. It's 100% superwash wool and we have three awesome colors (I had a hard time deciding which one to use!)

Mooncups & Keepers - Reusable Menstrual Cup