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How to start a KAL with Ravelry

Knit-a-longs (KAL) are a great way to learn new techniques while tackling a challenging project with others. I was knitting with some friends last week and someone mentioned that it would be really cool if Ravelry had a feature that allowed you to compare your queue with the queues of your friends so that you could easily find common projects for starting a KAL. A post and an email later we learn that you can compare queues so here is a quick tutorial for you.

First, select the pattern tab and go to the "advanced search" feature listed under the search box. In the advanced search, go to the pattern tab, select "in my queue" and "yes." This will give you all of the patterns currently in your queue.

Next, in the pattern tab select "queued by."

You should end up with a box on the left of your screen with spaces to fill in the ravelry username(s) of the person/people in your KAL. I am just using Sarah, but if I wanted more people I would choose "and" instead of "or" and type in the names and hit "apply."

You should end up with a listing of your common patterns which you can use to decide on a project for a KAL.

This search and comparison can also be done with your favorites, the only difference is that there is no "in my favorites" button so you will go directly to "favorited by" and type your username along with those you are comparing. I would like to throw out a big kudos here to Casey and Jess for putting together such a comprehensive site. Seriously, what did we do before Ravelry?

Also, due to this magnificent feature, several of us are doing a KAL for Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. If you would like to join us there is a Facebook event with all of the details.

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