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Croq Zine

We've just started carrying a great zine called Croq. It's about Crafts, DIY and indie craft businesses. It's really high quality with clear (and often color) pictures. Each issue features patterns, interviews with professional/ semiprofessional crafters, book reviews, recipes and how-to articles ranging from soap-making to gardening to homeschooling to starting your own business (and that's just this issue!) Croq sells for $4 an issue and if there is a demand, we can get a selection of back issues in addition to the current issue. Stop by and check it out.


Crafty Alien Kits Are Here!

Amigurumi has become incredibly popular with crocheters over the past year, but what about the knitters? Crafty Alien designed several adorable creatures using a knitted amigurumi method. We have kits for 11 different creatures and individual patterns coming soon. The best part about these kits is that you get the yarn, pattern and accessories all for $12. Completed they stand 3-4" tall, so making one of these scrumptious munchkins is a great summertime project.


ReBelle Loves Midwives!

The legalization of direct-entry midwives in Kentucky is a cause close to our hearts. All the proceeds from the sale of these buttons, bumper stickers and T-shirts go to support the Kentucky Midwifery Taskforce. You can also sign up to get more involved. Learn more at kentuckymidwifery.org
Mooncups & Keepers - Reusable Menstrual Cup