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Super Bowl Sale!!

Our biggest sale of the year is happening this weekend, February 2nd & 3rd. Here are some of the highlights:

There will be 10 yarn lines on sale for 25% off including
Araucania Nature Wool
Noro Silver Thaw
Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies
Lorna's Laces Grace
Karoke by SWTC
and 5 more to be revealed Saturday Morning!

Back Issues of magazines will be 40% off
Under the Nile Organic kids clothing will be 25% off
Everything on the Clearance shelf will be an additional 25% off
Some Jewelry, Clothing and Recycled Items will also be 25% off

Nature Wool is also our yarn of the month. It's a hand dyed light worsted wool yarn. It will be 20% off all month long, but 25% off during the Super Bowl Sale. There are sweater quantities available of Nature Wool and if you buy 7 or more skeins during the Super Bowl Sale we will give you a FREE Auraucanian moments pattern book, an $18 value! (while supplies last)


Cozy Malabrigo Leg Warmers

This is a great accessory for all that cold weather we've been having. The malabrigo is super soft and will keep your legs toasty. A fairly simple stitch pattern with some ribbing, eyelets and a cable-ish effect (contains no actual cables) makes for an easy, but rewarding knit. The pattern is free with yarn purchase and contains instructions for knitting them flat or in the round.



ReBelle's New Year's Resolutions

One of our resolutions for 2008 is to find replacements for products we carry that are made in sweatshops. About 90-95% of our store is already sweatshop-free, but there area few notions and yarns that we need to find alternatives for.
Our other resolution, is to get more goods by local and independent artisans into the store. Almost 15% of our store features items made in Lexington and surrounding areas. Buying handmade items from independent artisans and small companies gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside and we want to offer more items both from local area artisans and from crafty people around the country.
Mooncups & Keepers - Reusable Menstrual Cup