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Christmas Music

Sarah and I made a mix of all of our favorite Christmas songs this year to share with you. Merry Christmas!!


Advent calendars

Every year when December 1st hits it reminds me of one thing- I still don't have an Advent calendar. As a child, my mom would always put our Advent calendar up on December 1st and it was one of my favorite things about the holidays. The calendar we had was handmade of felt with a typed (as in on a typewriter) little poemy thing a the top. There were little yarn ties that held all the treats in place and every night my sister and I would get to untie and fight over the treat for the day. I imagine it was pretty frustrating for my mom, but we really loved it.

As an adult, I am more about the simple beauty of the Advent calendar. For years I have been planning to make one to hang, but have yet to do it. Maybe this will be the year of the Advent calendar. Just in case any of you are thinking about putting together your own, here are a few of my favorite knitted/crocheted Advent calendar patterns for you to enjoy.

Mini Knit Stockings
Crocheted Christmas Lights
Mooncups & Keepers - Reusable Menstrual Cup